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RE+NEW+ALL Candle's Head Artisan Makes The News!

October 10, 2019

RE+NEW+ALL Candle's Head Artisan Makes The News!

Did you miss out on seeing our lovely artisan candle maker Casondra make the news with Sweet Lala's Bakery

Check out the full video below 👇 (1:29) 


When we launched RE + NEW +ALL Candle as its own social enterprise a little over a month ago, our goal was to not only provide jobs for women survivors, but to create an opportunity for people in our community of Memphis to come together and make a difference in the lives of others on a larger scale.


Lauren Young, the owner of Sweet Lala’s Bakery, has been using her tasty treats to make a difference in the lives of her customers by providing them with sweets made with love from those who have been given a second chance.


Just the other week, we dropped off our first load of candles and before we kew it, we received a message that they had SOLD OUT!!! 


But it gets even better... 

One day while we were making candles at the studio, Casondra, our head candle maker came to us and said she had written a poem that she wanted to share.


In Casondra's poem, she wrote that after working with her hands and seeing that she could do something special, she was beginning to dream of owning her own bakery one day.


Can you guess what happened next?


We shared her poem with Lauren, and Lauren graciously agreed to let her shadow the team at Sweet Lala’s. This was a dream come true for Casondra.


Casondra shares in the video about the RE + NEW + ALL candles and our partnership with Lauren and her team. Our hearts are so full knowing that we live in a community with people who long to make a difference.


We hope you will continue to join us on our journey and support the life change that is happening at RE+NEW+ALL Candle. 


Take a look at Casondra's poem below 👇

Survivors of sex trafficking - poem

If you're looking to join our mission and help support these wonderful women on their journey, you can shop our favorite candles here.


Every purchase goes towards creating an environment for survivors to be empowered, have community, and experience restoration.