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Meet Our Newest Artisan Candle Maker!

October 18, 2019

Meet Our Newest Artisan Candle Maker!

Today is the perfect day for us to introduce our newest artisan candle maker!  

Everyone, we need your help in congratulating Kelsey on officially becoming part of our RE+NEW+ALL artisan candling making team! 👏

As a part of the RE+NEW+ALL work program, each lady must go through 9 weeks of intensive training, and must meet certain skill requirements before officially taking her spot as one of our artisan candle makers.⁠

Kelsey has gone above and beyond to learn all that is required of her and more!

We take great pride in knowing our artisan candle makers are not only learning the skills they need to secure long term future employment but are becoming equipped to make a difference in their community and the lives of others.⁠

Let your light shine, Kelsey! We are so proud of you and are thrilled to have you as apart of our team. 💜

Don't forget to order your favorite artisan candle today and show your support!