We are currently not accepting any new orders at this time. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

We are currently not accepting any new orders at this time. Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Holiday Light Shines Bright Into the New Year

December 30, 2020

Holiday Light Shines Bright Into the New Year

It’s the time of year when stories are told of a magnificent star in the sky, of a menorah that miraculously stayed alight for eight days, and even of a magical reindeer with a nose that glows. 

As a candle company, we love bringing light to you. And the holidays are a perfect time to reflect on the power, beauty, and meaning light brings to our lives. There’s so much about the season that reminds us of all the good that surrounds us and how we use light to spread cheer. 

Anywhere there’s darkness, the presence of light lifts our spirits, shows us where we are and where to go, and invites us into its warm embrace. 


Light brings out our best 

Light, in all its forms, is a symbol of hope, goodness, and joy. It’s recognized as a sign of divinity, which is why it’s always radiating off of holy figures in art. 

When there’s confusion, light gives us wisdom, intelligence, and illumination. Think of all the times you told someone, “the light came on” any time you were hit by a flash of creative inspiration or experienced one of those “Aha!” moments of understanding. 

We light candles to honor and remember those we’ve lost. We use fireworks to decorate the night sky when we gather and commemorate special holidays. We “light up” when we’re with the people who fill our hearts. 

Light is a reflection of all that’s meaningful, positive, and helpful. It connects us and inspires us to become better people. 


Light gives us comfort 

Light can set a mood. From candlelight during a romantic dinner to the fragrance of a scented candle during a hot bath, light offers a sense of intimacy. In the presence of light, we naturally relax and unwind. 

Whether it’s the flicker of a fragrant candle or the muted rumble of a cozy fireside, light gives us a sense of comfort and security. Just like house lights that welcome us home as we pull into the driveway on a dark night, light helps us see and keeps us safe.

Light acts as a guide 

Did you know the first lighthouse was built in Egypt between 300 and 280 B.C.? For centuries, light has kept seafarers safe by steering them away from dangerous, rocky shores. 

A candle in the window of Rev. John Rankin’s home overlooking the Ohio River alerted runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad of when it was safe to cross. Seeing that torch meant refuge was waiting for them on their journey to freedom. 

Whether it’s a flashlight in a darkened room, streetlamps shining down on a sidewalk, or the glow in a distant window ensuring safe passage, light helps us see where we’re going. When there is light to lead the way, whatever path we’re on becomes much easier to travel. 


Let your light shine!  

Every single one of us is a light in this world. And when we allow ourselves to shine, we have the ability to make a real difference in the lives of others. 

The doors of possibility open when we let light cast away the shadows and show us how much potential we have. 

At RE + NEW + ALL, this message of light is the heart of our mission. As our candlemakers recover from the trauma of trafficking, creating beautiful candles for you reminds them of their own light and beauty. 

When they sign their names to each candle they make, it’s a way of sharing their light with you and creating a connection. And in turn, they’re comforted by the light of your support, your prayers, and your encouragement as they grow in confidence. 

The time spent in our studio is one of several roads to a new life for these women. And each of you is a brilliant flame cheering them on and illuminating the way as they move forward. 

Always remember that you’re a light in someone else’s life, even when you don’t realize it. Just as it only takes a single spark to start a fire, what may seem like a small and ordinary act of kindness to you may feel like a miracle to the person benefiting from it. 

The best part? Holiday lights are temporary. But you get to display your inner glow all year long. How much your unique, magnificent light has to offer! It’s by far the greatest gift you have to give. 

Thank you for sharing your shining selves with us. We wish you a holiday season that’s peaceful, joyous, and naturally, full of light.