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Best Candle For A Chilly Fall Morning

October 18, 2019

Best Candle For A Chilly Fall Morning

Hibiscus is a chilly fall morning with bright, citrusy notes bolstered by a touch of fragrant florals and hints of cozy sandalwood.

The combination of bitter orange with a touch of lavender, lemongrass, and hydrangea is wonderfully rounded out by herbal sage and hints of timber wood.

This hand made, soy wax candle will pair perfectly with a cup of hot tea and a warm bath.

RE + NEW + ALL artisan candles feature natural soy wax and a cotton wick.

Each artisan candle is hand-poured in Memphis, Tennessee, and signed by the woman who is being rescued and restored by your purchase.

Every time you add a RE + NEW + ALL candle to your home or give one to someone you love, you are giving the gift of restoration to women survivors of human trafficking.⁠

We are a social enterprise, not a non-profit. So instead of collecting donations we sell candles to provide jobs for women survivors.This means every candle purchase makes a difference!

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