RE + NEW + ALL Travel Candle Collection Set

Our chic new travel candles give you a bite-size version of our original soy artisan candles, allowing you to take a little bit of home with you where ever you go. 

Not sure which candle to choose? Want 4 of a kind? Our travel pack offers you the best of both worlds. Whether you are wanting to test out our scents before purchasing our larger candle or you know the scents you love, simply add a sample pack to your cart and leave us a note letting us know the four scents you choose. 

Each tin holds 3 oz, and our cotton wick allows for clean a non-toxic burn for up to 12 hours. Each one is hand-poured in Memphis, Tennessee, by the woman who is being rescued and restored by your purchase.

Purchase our travel pack and receive 4 travel candles for only $42.99 shipping included.
Bonus: Travel Pack comes packaged in our beautiful eco-friendly tubing and is signed by the woman who made them plus receive an additional $5 in savings

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